Quoting Jim Riley:

I have not met many people who think the Patriot Act, and shredding the Bill of Rights is a good idea at all (as a matter-of-fact, I met only one supporter of this unconstitutional act). Through NAFTA and GATT treaties, and economic mismanagement these same expert and professional politicians have left the American economy in trouble, again, betraying the American people. Through TARP, again, we have been betrayed and our treasury looted as politicians rewarded their billionaire banker friends with taxpayer money. While the top 1% profits off the misery of human trafficking and slavery in places like Burma, Communist China, India and Pakistan, there just is no way for the American working person to compete
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Jim Riley in the San Angelo Standard Times

Excerpt from the San Angelo Standard Times:

JIM RILEY: Half-truths, untruths abound

San Angeloan Jim Riley is a Democratic candidate for Congress.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

SAN ANGELO, Texas — One can’t really blame them, but Republicans keep trying to change recent history to put the onus on President [...]

Jim Riley and the United States 11th Congressional District, Texas

Jim Riley for United States Congress 11th Congressional District Texas

As I walk and talk with working-class families across the 11th Congressional District, I hear over and over again that Texans want an independent and real voice standing up for them in Congress. That’s why I’m running. I hope you’ll take the time to [...]