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I have not met many people who think the Patriot Act, and shredding the Bill of Rights is a good idea at all (as a matter-of-fact, I met only one supporter of this unconstitutional act). Through NAFTA and GATT treaties, and economic mismanagement these same expert and professional politicians have left the American economy in trouble, again, betraying the American people. Through TARP, again, we have been betrayed and our treasury looted as politicians rewarded their billionaire banker friends with taxpayer money. While the top 1% profits off the misery of human trafficking and slavery in places like Burma, Communist China, India and Pakistan, there just is no way for the American working person to compete
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Jim Riley in the San Angelo Standard Times

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JIM RILEY: Half-truths, untruths abound

San Angeloan Jim Riley is a Democratic candidate for Congress.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

SAN ANGELO, Texas — One can’t really blame them, but Republicans keep trying to change recent history to put the onus on President Obama and the Democrats instead of where it really belongs.

Two guest columnists in Saturday’s Standard-Times are the most recent example. They can’t even agree on how many trillion dollars of national debt Obama is “responsible” for.

One conceded that George W. Bush initiated two wars and created the expensive homeland security complex.

What he conveniently forgot to mention is that Bush also initiated massive tax cuts, mainly for the already very wealthy, and cutbacks in most government regulation of business, all of which was supposed to “free” the economy and lead to greater wealth for all.

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Jim’s Personal Comments

4liberty, you guys [Republicans] keep taking about the Bush tax cuts for the uber-wealthy like some kind of super grail, to be adored and worshipped, something holy and untouchable that will surely bring us jobs. But the only jobs it has produced are in Burma, Communist China, India and Pakistan where these same very rich are using child and slave labor, human trafficking to take away American jobs…and it hasn’t done the average American any good at all. Amazingly, you forget that the republithugs in the House of representatives forced our president’s hand, he had to extend those cuts to get anything through that body.

Now, oddly, your party tells us if we just cut education, if we fire teachers and grow class sizes, if we give our children less opportunities than we had…and if we cut Pell Grants and Tex Grants for working-class college students, because our kids don’t really deserve or need that education anyway…oh and if someone is on social security, if we just cut those benefits by 10%, and agree to kill Medicare for people who have paid into the system for decades…if we just do these things, the jobs will come, and only if we keep all the loopholes and tax breaks for the benevolent uber-rich who have been so good to us already.

The American people are tired of this foolishness and the lies republican’ts keep spreading like fertilizer all over our country through entertainers like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck (their listeners are leaving in droves, and Beck already lost his show) and FOX News run by the corrupt, dishonest, and scheming Murdoch family who through their efforts in Great Britain to run their government will hopefully bring them down.

No 4liberty, Thomas Jefferson would challenge modern day republican leaders to a duel. See he was for America, he was for education, he was for freedom and liberty…and he and our forefathers were true patriots. They didn’t want to surrender to the mediocraty republican leaders are trying to sell us into.

God Bless America and God Bless the President of the United States of America!

Jim Riley
Candidate for Congress
11th District, TX.

Jim Riley and the United States 11th Congressional District, Texas

Jim Riley for United States Congress 11th Congressional District Texas

Jim Riley for United States Congress 11th Congressional District Texas

As I walk and talk with working-class families across the 11th Congressional District, I hear over and over again that Texans want an independent and real voice standing up for them in Congress. That’s why I’m running. I hope you’ll take the time to learn about me and our campaign. Please consider contributing and volunteering for our campaign? I am just a regular guy, and I need your help. We ae grateful for all the people, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians and Republicans who have singed our petitions to get Jim Riley on the ballot in the 11th District, tired of a Do-Nothing-Congressman, who has voted against our freedom and liberty in support of the Patriot Act, who has voted for T.A.R.P. and Free Trade, again against the interest of the American Economy and the American working-class, who has voted to send tax dollars abroad to build classrooms and schools while voting to cut education for American children, and to reduce Pell Grants for American working-class college students, he has voted to kill Medicare for those of us 55 and younger, while his benefits will be taken care of forever, and who is silent and absent, when the people in our district have issues with just getting fresh drinking water because of deterioration infrastructure although he has voted for money to be spent drilling wells and putting in water wells and filtration systems in other countries. Together, we can, and we will, WIN for America, Texas and the 11th District!!!